How to Increase Your Chances for Approval

Getting a phone contract deal is never easy when you have a bad credit history. Service providers are more likely to turn your application down because of the risks involved. To increase your chances of approval, there are some simple rules you can follow.

Pick a Cheaper Handset

For now, you'll need to forget about getting the latest handset available. If you want your application approved, you need to opt for the cheaper handset. That way, you'll end up with a cheaper monthly bill hence a greater chance for service providers to take you on.
If you still insist on getting a better phone, you might want to look at no credit check phone deal options. There are numerous online providers who offer this type of deals catering to customers with problems in their credit history.

Try Sim Contract Deals

Another ideal option for people with bad credit is Sim only deals. For this type of contract, you'll only get the Sim which already includes an affordable package on call, text and data usage. Compared with regular phone contracts, this is much cheaper since the handset is not included. This also means higher approval rate.
Though Sim contract deals are not as enticing as pay monthly contracts, you can take advantage of this opportunity to build you credit rating. Over time, credit agencies will see your performance as a payor and that will improve your credit rating significantly.
Majority of service operators nowadays have Sim only deals to offer. If you’re with Vodafone, you’ll just need to follow three simple simples which are detailed at the website.

Strike a Deal with Your Provider

One other tip you can do to ensure approval is to speak directly with service providers. Some of them are sympathetic enough with different financial situations and they are open to offer you a deal which is right for your circumstances.
You can also strike a deal with them by offering to pay an upfront fee or by getting a guarantor to back you up. Either way, the risks are lessened for the providers which mean approval is almost always guaranteed. Just make sure that you know your obligations to avoid putting your credit score at greater risk.